Les Rauchen Verboten


Format:   12″ LP
Catalogue No:   Clifford-018LP
Label:   Clifford Records
Release Date:   11/05/2011
Price:   12.00€

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Descripción del Producto

Les Rauchen Verboten were born in an industrial park of Almería (Spain) from marathon jamming sessions between Jesús Alonso (drums) and A.L. Guillén (electric guitar), both musicians with a background in assorted high risk music (Alondra SantoriSefronia, Corcobado). Those sessions materialized into something that got Justo Bagüeste (Clónicos,IPD) excited enough to join the duet with his sax and minimoog. The project came to a quiet inhospitable sonorous spot full of (de)generative rock and Andarax no-wave, nicely corrupted by Ramón Acín‘s particles. The trio recorded an extreme summary of what rock should be when it is mutated, which was edited in vinyl with Clifford Records label in 2011. They specially strong perfoming live being able to cheer up even the most fainthearted crowd in a crazy feast of mechanic free noise with funk heartbeats that ambush the audience.



Información adicional


A1. Penetration A2. The Act. A3. 21 St. Century Funky Donkey B1. Swing Sex Beat B2. Mad Man Lady’s Factory B3. Diablo Carousel’s Waltz