Pony Taylor – Eleven Safety Matches


Format:   12″ LP
Catalogue No:   Clifford-008LP
Label:   Clifford Records
Release Date:   25/05/2010
Price:   12.00€

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Descripción del Producto

Originally from Avignon, Christophe, Cyril and Olivier, constructed their musical experience in the early 90s with a Pop group called The Strawberry Smell. Their influences who traced thir roots from the 60s English Mod Scene is what led them to become one of the most respected groups of the English Mod Scene in the 90s. In 1997, one of their 3 singles was released under the Londo based mod label Detour Records. The group then produced and launched their album Odorama wich was released under the New York label Rainbow Quartz in a dozen countries from 2001 to 2002. After two relentless years of promoting their album, they were called upon to play live on the BBC and on Spanish National TV. The group would then separate after 12 years of existence in 2003. In 2006, they reunited with Laurent, a friend from Montpellier who was the front man and lead guitarist of the group The Shapes in the 90s. Since them, his experience has evolved from time spent with several different groups such as Sunfish Daze (first group of Emilie Simon), Gordini 2000, and the power pop trio from Toulouse The Speedometers. This is how Pony Taylor was naturally formed. Since february 2007, their friend Alex (ex-boolings, current Dora guitarist) rejoined the band to complete the definitive line up.



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A1. You Are The Sailor
A2. Married To Wigan
A3. Garden Of Nowhere
A4. I Try To Keep My Secret
A5. Grown With The Orchids
B1. Bargain Counter Dandy
B2. Reed Richards
B3. An Obssessional Guitar Player
B4. A Brand New Star
B5. Could We Do The Same Thing
B6. Many Times