Pony Taylor – How To Fold Paper In Half Twelve Times


Format:   12″ LP
Catalogue No:   Clifford-027LP
Label:   Clifford Records
Release Date:   03/05/2012
Price:   12.00€

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Descripción del Producto

Formed in 2006 and based in Avignon (France), Pony Taylor draws its influences from the psychedelic rock of the late 60’s and indie pop melodies of the 90’s. A real mixture of harmonies and authentic vintage sound much appreciated by Supergrass and Paul Weller fans as well as those of Spencer Davis Group or Deep PurpleHow to fold paper in half twelve times new vinyl LP available now on Clifford Records.


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A1. Videogame A2. Utrabright A3. Troublemaker A4. Opinion former A5. Sushi beans A6. Leading for another land B1. Summer summer B2. Flying close to the sun B3. Into the distance B4. Lovely little Rupert B5. Everyday B6. Chasing echoes (of your love)