Al Supersonic & The Teenagers – It’s Alright!


Format:   LP 12″
Catalogue No:   UNIQ197-1
Label:   Unique Records
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Soul music is timeless it is said, it manages to explore the heights and depths of the human emotional household, like no other musical genre. It has changed in the 50 years of its existence only by the technical progress of the production facilities. Its eternal theme, the joys and sorrows of everyday life on the other hand never changed. Why should it? All those who now want to impress Al & The Teenagers with the annoying retro stamp, ignore the real spirit of soul music. Al & The Teenagers just take their main influences from the heyday of this music and that’s only logical. That sounds like Al Green enters Willie Mitchell’s Hi-Studio for the first time, as if Archie Bell committed an unknown band from Houston, the “TSU Toronadoes” as his backing band and recorded the legendary guitar riff of “Tighten Up”, as if Issac Hayes conducted the Stax horn section , all that sounds like Northern Soul. That blueprint of dance music that was created on the northern english club scene, finding its way now throughout Europe, animating thousands of hipsters to some real acrobatic dancing. I met Al & The Teenagers at a Soul Allnighter in Barcelona. They are fans, lovers of obscure african-american soul music from the 60’s and 70’s. They play what they love and you can hear that. They are funky without being “Funk”, smart without being mods and definitely the tightest live band I’ve ever seen live. Eventually they even made guest appearances as a backing band for a couple of forgotten soul singers, Dean Parrish and Tommy Hunt in my hometown. They played their own one hour program and then accompanied Tommy Hunt and Dean Parrish for another hour each, just to immediately be found on the dance floor after the concert was over to dance like there would be no tomorrow. Enthusiasm, energy, fun, and an attitude to life that is fed by their deep love for the vinyl singles of Stax, Atlantic and other more obscure 60’s soul labels. They are a leading part of the renaissance of soul music. The timeless, great soul music. In a fair and better world, 2013 would be the year of Al Supersonic & The Teenagers, that’s for sure! Their second album, ‚It’s alright!’ can easily compete with Sharon Jones and Nicole Willis. It’s filled with 11 three-minute masterpieces of danceable happiness and a heart-wrenching ballad. Granada is not just the Alhambra, the city can be proud of their sons and daughters Al & The Teenagers as well. Brown-eyed soul from Granada! And now, sit back, relax, park a drink in your hand and enjoy the swinging soul sounds of Al Supersonic & The Teenagers! (Lars Bulnheim, Superpunk, 2013) Ever since they started in a borstal in Granada (Spain) many years ago, Al Supersonic & The Teenagers had a clear idea of the influences and the musical spirit they wanted to use as a basis for their musical work, revitalizing 60s and 70s afro-american soul in every single note they’re playing.. The Teenagers have Soul music in their veins, when asked they say “We are not Soul, Soul makes us”. They have been the backing band for soul icons such as Tommy Hunt, Dean Parrish and P.P Arnold and shared stages with great soul bands as The Impressions, James Hunter or Eli Paperboy. Their first album, NOT TOO YOUNG (Unique Records), received an UFI (Independent Phonographic Union of Spain) AWARD for best Urban Music Album released in 2010, it was considered to be the 10th best album by Spanish music magazine Ruta 66, the 5th best best album of Andalusia by the music magazine Mondo Sonoro Ed. Sur (South Edition) and in the same year they won the POPEYE AWARD for the best black music band in Spain. Their songs are the product of years of passion for the music they love, fulfilled with choruses and arrangements imbued with the true spirit of soul. Smart and with a street attitude, they understand the language of the music. The haunting intensity of Al’s gritty vocals, supplemented by the sumptuous presence of Vanesa Spin’s brilliant Hammond sound, the solid horns and the classy rhythm section of Javi Frias and Gustavo Fernandez have brought Al Supersonic & The Teenagers in the premiere league of today’s live acts. A good proof of this fact have been their successful shows in Italy, England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Portugal and their home, Spain. As a taster for their brand new album, IT’S ALRIGHT, they released the 45″ Paint Yourself in the Corner, that got massive airplay on radio stations worldwide and became an instant dancefloor filler on the international club scene. A funky little soul anthem inspired by artists like Archie Bell and The Drells, or one of their favourites bands ever, the TSU Tornados. IT’S ALRIGHT, produced by legendary american producer Mike Mariconda, is their latest shot, with a different and powerful sound that will bring you a hot and tasty cocktail of timeless soul music.

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1. It's Alright 2. You've Been Hurt 3. I'll Always Be There 4. Scandal Marketplace 5. These Little Things 6. Under Construction 7. We're Not Too Young 8. That's Not The Way To Say Goodbye 9. I'm In Love With You 10. The Loser 11. Paint Youself In The Corner 12. Farewell At Dawn