Brutal Truth – Evolution Through Revolution


Format:   12″ LP
Catalogue No:   RR7034
Label:   Relapse Records
Price:   15.00 €

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A1 Sugardaddy
A2 Turmoil
A3 Daydreamer
A4 On The Hunt
A5 Fist In Mouth
A6 Get A Therapist… Spare The World
A7 War Is Good
A8 Evolution Through Revolution
A9 Powder Burn
A10 Attack Dog
A11 Branded
A12 Detatched
B1 Global Good Guy
B2 Humpty Finance
B3 Semi Automatic Carnation
B4 Itch
B5 Afterworld
B6 Lifer
B7 Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
B8 Grind Fidelity
B9 Forever In Daze
B10 Dogs Of War