Körgull The Exterminator – Sharpen Your Spikes


Format:   12″ LP
Catalogue No:   XM 298 LP
Label:   Xtreem Music
Price:   14.00 €

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Descripción del Producto

Limited vinyl edition to 150 copies on classic black wax of the 5th opus by this bizarre Thrash/Black war machine from Spain. Superior in every sense to al their previous works, this is the real sound of fucking evil and raw Axe Thrash!! Think of SODOM, BATHORY, HELLHAMMER, very early VOIVOD, DARKTHRONE, BULLDOZER…

Información adicional


1. Campanades a Morts (intro)
2. Prophecy of Black Blood
3. Inquisitor Generalis
4. Sharpen Your Spikes
5. Battle Ram
6. The Black Goat of the Woods
7. Dawn of the Extermination
8. Firing Squad
9. Follow the Flame
10. Sword and Sorcery
11. A Black Bird is Always a Warning