The Primary 5 – High Five


Format:   12″ LP
Catalogue No:   HM-LP019
Label:   Hurrah Música
Price:   15.00€

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Descripción del Producto

“He plays drums with Teenage Fanclub, one of the most prolific pop bands of our (post’60s) time… He realizes he’s got more creative things to do than just kicking skins… He forms his own band… There’s just one thing Paul Quinn fails to do right… Why, in the name of Bob, he didn’t name his band The Mighty Quinn?!?!… it escapes me… and I’m not talkin’ Dylan-tribute here!

I haven’t heard any of the previous two albums, but this one just got me hooked on. Just as I was starting to think that I’ve heard every single pop song that there is, in comes I Wonder Why. It’s bound to become a classic of There She Goes or Here Comes Your Man kind, believe you me! Or if it doesn’t, there must be something terribly wrong with the world today … And it’s not even my favourite track on the album!?!?!

It’s So Much To Find, a Zombies-like kind of a minor-key beat nugget. There must be something on that TFC drum stool. Some kind of a bug that crawls up the spine of whoever sits on it, gets inside the head, and off it goes! It’s no wonder that the title tune or Breathe sound so much like Francis McDonald’s Nice Man or Cheeky Monkey stuff. Oh, and if you’re looking for the perfect country & western soundtrack, forget Morricone, its Same Old Story.

A note for completists: ex-employee employs ex-employers. Norman Blake guests on guitar, Raymond McGinley engineers, and Jim McCulloch is all over the record, playing guitar and singing backing vocals on almost every single song”.

Popdiggers, 2009

Información adicional


1. I wonder why
2. High 5
3. So much to find
4. Same old story
5. Breathe
6. Lost and confused
7. Rewind
8. Fly baby fly
9. Stills
10. Trains