The Smoggers – Smoggin’ Your Mind


Format:   10″ MLP
Catalogue No:   Clifford-017LP
Label:   Clifford Records
Release Date:   04/03/2011
Price:   10.00€


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Descripción del Producto

Forget what somebody told you about the big boom of prissing and posturing in the post 2000 rock & roll scene. Somehow, a band from Andalucia, Spain, managed to get the formula right. They are The Smoggers and their brand of primitive white trash punk and roll finally is unleashed on this nifty 10″ black plastic. Containing 8 new counts of assault, -all about lust, hate, pain, confusion, sin, heartbreak and revenge- all boldly delivered with screetching, pounding, gut-wrenching, intensity and carelessness! So pay attention,dammit, because The Smoggers are one of the few that carry the true rock swagger absent in most of todays garage rock recycle bin. There is an eviction notice in your future! [MIKE MARICONDA, Gijón 2011]



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A1. Set me free A2. Silent spring A3. She says: “I don’t care” A4. Waiting for your love B1. Reverb zombies B2. Hello B3. Dirty lives B4. The losing game